21 Day Fix-What is it? My Thoughts…..

Wow time really got away from me this Holiday Season. I was prepared to write this post weeks ago, and somehow never got around to it. =( Well here I am and hopefully now I will be able to be more consistent with my postings…

So chapter 2 of my fitness journey is complete. YAY!! I did the 21 Day Fix Program and loved it so I thought I would share with all of you what it is and my overall thoughts on the program.

What is 21 Day Fix???21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix is a 21 day at home exercise program that will give you incredible results. 21 days with 7- 30 minute workouts ( plus one bonus PLYO workout if you order from a coach) and a 10 minute Ab workout. An easy meal plan that is all about portion control! You get all these lovely little coloured containers that all represent a food group. If the food fits in the container you can eat it. No counting calories just fill up the containers and enjoy. =)


Let me break it down for you. As I said there are 7 workouts and a 10-minute AB workout. There is also a modifier in every workout so if you are hurt, or just tired and not feeling like you can go all out for the day, you can always follow them. No excuses to NOT get your workout in.

1. Total Body Cardio Fix: (Complete body workout to get that heart rate up)
2. Upper Fix: (Chest, back, shoulders, arms and abs)
3. Lower Fix: (glutes, quads, hamstrings)
4. Pilates Fix: (strengthens your core, nice break from all the cardio)
5. Cardio Fix: (jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers.. This is the hardest workout of the 7 in my opinion)
6. Dirty 30 ( I think this one is my favourite)
7.Yoga Fix ( Which really isn’t a workout, just stretching all the muscles so you can abuse them all over again the next day lol.)
8. 10 Minute Ab Fix: This is an extra one you can throw in on top of another workout, or on its own whatever you choose. It’s only 10 minutes but you really work those abs!!

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Light and Heavy dumbbells OR a resistance band. Also a Yoga mat of some kind might be nice for some of the workouts, but the mat is not necessary.


So when you get 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack the first thing you will do is figure out your calorie level (they have an easy formula to follow) then you will know how many of each coloured container you are recommended.

For instance I was in the 1,200-1,499 calories bracket and in a 24-hour period I was recommended to have:

3 green: ( Vegetables)
2 Purple: (Fruit)
4 Red: (Protein)
2 Yellow (Carbs)
1 Blue: (Healthy Fats-raw nuts, chesses, hummus etc.)
1 Orange: ( salad dressings, raw seeds, olives etc.)
2 teaspoons: (nut butters, seed butters, cooking oils)

Free Foods: water, vinegars, mustard, spices, hot sauce, herbs, flavour extracts etc.)

Also throughout the week you can do replacement containers. If you are really craving that glass of wine, fruit juice, milk, or REALLY need a chocolate fix there are some options. Within the meal plan booklet there are some recipes for seasonings, Shakeology, treats, and some ideas for each coloured container.

My Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed the variety of exercises throughout this program. You got a little bit of everything. I felt like the meal plan was pretty simple to follow, although I will be honest having only two yellow containers(carbs) a day was a little tough, but I found ways to make it work. You definitely need to plan out your meals/snacks with this program to be successful. My results were a little messed up with Christmas Holidays in there and me indulging in some sweets, but I still managed to lose 3 lbs and gained some  definition in my  abs ( I don’t think they have ever been this close to being seen) Last week I put on a bathing suit for the first time since my pregnancy and I have NEVER felt more confident. I felt good about the way I looked and what I have accomplished and I think it showed.

So there you have it a  little overview of my thoughts on this program. Although I am taking a little break from it and trying something new it is definitely something I will come back to in the future.

If you have any questions about this program or any of the other programs I have done feel free to email me at angiehenry84@gmail.com, if you want to see exactly what comes with your 21 Day Fix Challenge pack click HERE. BONUS the 21 Day Fix is on sale this month and in my opinion definitely worth the money. =)

Next up for me? Focus T25, I’m not going to lie this is my hardest program yet. more to come…


PiYo results, chapter one complete.


So it is Sunday afternoon, my boys are downstairs with their dad so I thought this would be a perfect time to write a blog post. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write and then it hit me. Oh yes, my before and after pictures….*shudder*  When I originally took these pictures I was never planning on sharing them. They were just going to be for me so I could see how far I had come in my fitness journey. Now though I see how important it is to share them.  You can tell people about a workout program, how great you feel and how you have lost weight BUT unless they actually SEE it they probably won’t believe.

So what is PiYo?

PiYo is an at home exercise program that mixes Pilates and Yoga and amps up the speed. Although you do lots of stretching you don’t hold the stretches, your moving and burning calories while stretching. It’s fast paced but low impact. There is also a modifier on every workout so if you are suffering from an injury, not as flexible, or just had a rough day you can still get your sweat on! Now of course exercise is only part of the program, the other half is the meal plan, and seriously it is the easiest meal plan to follow! It gives you tons of options and then you just mix and match to create some yummy and creative (or simple if you are like me) meals. And of course one meal is taken care of with your delicious shake of the day.

Okay so I’ve talked enough about the program now you probably want to know if the program works right? Well here are my pictures and you can decide that for yourself….

collagebeforeafter2 In my 60 days of PiYo I lost 1.5lbs ( I know doesn’t seem like that much) BUT I lost 2.25 inches on my waist and 1 inch from my hips, not to mention I gained muscle in my arms and legs.  I’m also going to be 100% honest with you and tell you that once a week I had a free DAY, not just one free meal. If I had stuck to just one free meal I KNOW my results would have been even better. That was the choice I made though and all in all I’m pretty happy with my results. The pictures don’t lie, I definitely had some changes and my hard work paid off!

am I done? Heck no! This was just the first chapter I have many more to go.  But I’m here to tell you that seriously if I can do this ANYONE can do it. I was the girl who ate junk food everyday and never exercised. All it takes is some determination, commitment and the willingness to change! YOU have to want this! Nobody else can do it for you!!

If you are ready to make some changes and are tired of giving yourself excuses please send me an email at angiehenry84@gmail.com We can chat about your fitness goals. I would love to help you reach them!! =) YOU can do this!! All it takes is the desire to change!

Water: soooo good for me,yet my biggest challenge!

benefits-of-drinking-water1Who would think that drinking 7 glasses of water a day would be my biggest challenge while starting my exercise programs? Not me! Exercising everyday? Eating clean and avoiding that junk food? Yup, I for sure thought those would be the hardest, but no, it is the water….

Why? I’m not really sure. It is easily accessible, turn on the tap and there it is! It isn’t that I don’t try. I have a water bottle with me everywhere I go. Always sitting beside me, I carry it from room to room, but somehow I just forget to actually DRINK from it. *sigh* I’m not a huge fan of the taste, and I have tried fruit-infused water but it is just not my cup of tea. Hmmm.. speaking of tea now THAT I could easily drink at least 3 or 4 cups of a day, which is probably why I’m having troubles with drinking all my water……

I know all the benefits of water which you would think would encourage me even more to drink it, but somehow I still seem to end up at least a couple glasses short on a daily basis.

I’ve read all the tips

  • Drink a glass of water first thing when you wake up
  • Drink a glass of water every time you walk into the kitchen
  • Drink a glass of water before your meals
  • Instead of setting down an empty glass, refill it right away
  • Carry a water bottle that you love
  • Track how much water you are drinking. Check off each glass so it feels like an accomplishment
  • Eat something spicy

and the list goes on and on. All great tips but somehow not sinking in for me. SO I have decided that enough is enough! If I can do the 21 Day Fix and eat healthier I CAN drink my daily 7 glasses of water. So starting today for a whole week (need to start out small until it becomes a habit) I am going to make sure I drink my water. I’m writing it on here because I know it will make me more accountable even if I am the only one reading it 🙂

I’ve got my water bottle filled, my app downloaded (yes there is an app for tracking water, I am going to try “Water Your Body”) and I am ready to go!!! Wish me luck, and feel free to ask me during the week how I am doing! =)

How about you? Do you get all your water in? What are some of your tips? Please share I would LOVE to know!!